Hop Photo Gallery

Hop Propagation

From beginning to end, our Hop Propagation techniques are industry leading. 

3.5 Inch Hop Plant
Gorgeous root mass on our 3.5" Hops.
Hop Liners Waiting for Transplant
Baby hop plugs getting ready to move up to their big kid digs!
Hop on Outside
Hops being grown in our outdoor production space, makes for better stress tolerance at transplant.
Hop Plug Perfection
Hop Propagation House
Heated benches, mist and boom irrigation, cool disco (LED) lights at night.
Ready To Ship
Alfonso watering plants before the get loaded on the truck.
The Crew
2020 Hop Propagation Crew. These folks worked their butts off getting all those plants done and out the door. Cue round of applause!