We are a year round wholesale greenhouse nursery.  If you are a retail customer you can find our plants at independent garden centers throughout the Northwest..  Feel free to call us to find one in your area.

Wholesale Customers can order our product online by clicking the button below, or have an availability sent to you by fax or email (Fridays / Tuesdays), fill out and send back to us.

You are welcome to buy with cash or check. Or, if you would like an account, please fill out a credit application.

All plants will be rooted and full.  Our comments are to help our customers know what stage plants are in.

  • bl -blooming/color
  • bd -budded (starting to show color)
  • ttbd -tight bud (no color)
  • grn -plant is green, no color
  • full -plant is nice and full, we often use this code for plants that do not have color.
  • # -Limited quantity (first come/first served)

If you would like an updated paper availability please call the office at (503) 982-2748.  During peak season our availability often changes quickly. Online orders are always current to today's inventory.


Wholesale Orders Only